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Operation Microscope

The OM-V350 Operating Microscope, due to its innovative illumination system, precision optics and the finest mechanics, has become an outstanding choice for eye care professionals requiring advanced operating microscope and can be applied in various delicate surgical operations.

•   Superb Coaxial Binocular optical performance offers bright, clear and vivid image

•   Unsurpassed image luminosity with the most natural color allows for a softer and more detailed view

•   Apochromatically corrected main objective lens and zoom optics

•   Increased depth of field and instant, stable Red Reflex with the -2 reflection prism

•   Protection from phototoxicity with low illumination level and UV cut filters

•   Compact-in-size, long-in-reach stand system allows high degree of positioning freedom

•   Foot switch with multifunction controls for hands free operation

•   Individualized user selection

•   Wide selection of accessories: Teaching Tube, CCD System and Operation Microscope Image System

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